send ​Definitions and Synonyms

    US /send/
    1. 1
      to mail a letter or package to someone

      I sent the letters yesterday, so they should arrive today.

      send someone something:

      I’ll send you a copy of the report.

      send something to someone:

      I forgot to send a birthday card to Amy.

      send something by mail/airmail etc.:

      I think it’s too heavy to send by airmail.

      1. 1a
        to arrange for something to be taken to a place
        send something to something:

        The government is sending food supplies to the stricken island.

      2. 1b
        to arrange for a store or organization to deliver something to a person or place

        I must remember to send Helen some flowers for her birthday.

        send someone something:

        He sent me a lovely bouquet.

        send something to someone/something:

        You can have the books sent direct to your home.

      3. 1c
        to arrange for a message to be delivered to a person by e-mail

        I’ll send you an e-mail with all the details.

        Did you get that message I sent you?

    2. 2
      to put soldiers or military equipment in a place, especially because there is a war

      Two navy warships have been sent to the area.

      Last week, their government sent 30 fighter jets.

      Once again young men are being sent into battle.

      1. 2a
        to arrange for someone to go to a place to do a job

        The company has promised to send an engineer tomorrow.

        send someone to something:

        Each country will send two delegates to the conference.

        send someone to do something:

        They’ve sent a team of doctors to help with the rescue efforts.

      2. 2b
        to force someone to go somewhere using an official order

        Opponents of the regime are either killed or sent into exile.

        Most of the refugees will be sent back home.

      3. 2c
        to make arrangements for someone to go to a place to study

        When she was twelve, her parents sent her to school in Switzerland.

        His parents couldn’t afford to send him to college.

    3. 3
      to make someone move or fall suddenly
      send someone flying/rolling/tumbling etc.:

      A fire in the casino sent people fleeing for safety.

      1. 3a
        to make something fall or move suddenly through the air

        A careless step sent rocks tumbling down on the climbers below.

    4. 4
      to make someone feel a particular emotion

      She said no, which sent him into a terrible sulk.

    5. 5
      to allow a substance such as smoke or something made by a chemical process to escape into the atmosphere
      send something out/up:

      Forest fires sent up smoke for miles around.

    6. 6
      in Malaysian English, to take someone somewhere
      Can you send me to the airport?
      Submitted on:
    7. 7

      send someone on their way

      to make someone to leave a placeSubmitted by:
      Ismail from Russian Federation on 18/11/2017

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